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Wise Dog Tarot reading for the collective Sept 10th

Good morning!

You may be feeling a call to go inward or to get out of the fray for a bit. It could be the change of the season that is causing us to feel a bit low energy? This is an excellent time to go inward, to check in with your spirit, to strengthen the bond.

The Hermit in the present offers us an energy that makes it easier to slip away from all the chatter of day-to-day life. There may be fewer stimuli competing for your attention, and because of this quiet comes in bringing with it wisdom.

The Five of Cups in the area of external influences suggests that the Hermit may bring to the surface a focus on what you have lost, something that was out of your control but nonetheless you pine over. It will be the job of the Hermit to help you gain insight as to how best to heal.

With the Five of Cups in the center, your focus right now is on something that can not be undone, when you shift your attention to what you do have, to all that is still there waiting for you, that is where you will find your true inner-power.

The Ten of Swords arrives with a message or advice. Although what you have lost may have been significant and perhaps left you feeling disconnected from your higher-self, there is hope, and with healing, you will regain your strength.

I pulled an extra card to gain some additional advice, and the Queen of Cups appears. Use this energy to smooth out conflict, to ease any friction within. The Queen of Cups may be a good friend who knows exactly what to say that will make you feel better, or see your situation from a more favorable position. Look for people with an even-temper, who carry calmness and acceptance as they will be the one to help you find your way out of the woods with a reconnected spirit.



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