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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective Sept 11th

Good morning!

Well, things are moving along swimmingly right now as you dash through projects with barely any friction holding you back. Because nothing is holding you back, you can move forward with confidence and for the most part adding more tasks to juggle at this time won't throw you out of balance. You may encounter someone who will need your help or will look to you for assistance, and because of this, you may find yourself on a journey of sorts with someone in need of your expertise.

The Eight of Wands is the energy we are working with at the present moment. Enjoy it as it removes obstacles; however, don't become too caught up in a rush; otherwise, you may miss something important.

The Two of Pentacles is the energy that will come to us as a result of the fast-moving friction-free Eight of Wands, and this brings new tasks that you will be asked to juggle. No fear, you have it all under control as you know your limitations.

Your boundaries may be tested as the Six of Swords comes in the advice area in that someone in need may ask for your assistance. This new task may provide an opportunity for growth as you get to show off your skills, or it may lead to a place of feeling resentment. Keep a check on your schedule, are you able to maintain the fast pace and the steady rhythm of life and add something new? If so, it may just lead to a whole new adventure.



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