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Wise Dog Tarot reading for the Collective Sept 12th

Good morning!

I got one word for all you who are feeling stressed out, pulled in eight different directions, exhausted, and pushed to the max—BOUNDARIES! You need them, we all need them; otherwise, we commit to tasks that leave us feeling worn out and resentful.

Boundaries keep the peace, they keep relationships from going sour, they enable us to enjoy a break now and then while at the same time keeping life moving forward. The Nine of Wands in the present position points to a project that has been long in the making, however, frustration and exhaustion as just a heartbeat away. You or someone else may be pushing you past your bandwidth, and as a result, you may lose the passion you once held for the desired outcome. When you just want to see something completed, that is when you lose your connection to source energy because love is no longer the driving factor, frustration is.

The Ace of Cups arrives as the external influence indicating that something or someone is going to help you reconnect with your spirit. This may be the friend who convinces you to take a weekend away in the country, or for an afternoon of perusing your favorite garden shop. How you get there is irrelevant, the call is to go somewhere that will inspire you to connect with something greater than yourself.

The Page of Swords arrives in the advice position and this little spitfire (Ribsey... :-) will have you standing up and speaking your truth. When you tap into the energy of the Page of Swords, you are more capable of identifying areas in your life that are causing you stress and frustration, and as a result, you can articulate your needs so that there is no miscommunication. Using this energy will be to your advantage right now as it will enable you to effectively establish those much-needed boundaries without putting others off.



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