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Wise Dog Tarot reading for the Collective Sept 16th

Good morning!

You may be feeling a bit more open-hearted today, as you bring others into your space that may not have been invited in the past. This is a time for feeling happy and in love with the world! You may start to notice that the differences that once kept you apart are now seen as small or insignificant. When working with others, you may notice your focus today shifts from areas of disagreement to ideas or beliefs you share.

There is one small hiccup, and that comes from an expectation of what this inclusion may mean or may result in. Are you bringing someone into the fold because you genuinely welcome them or is there some expectation that they will prove to be beneficial sometime down the road? Maybe it is the other way around, are they playing nice to get into your good favor so that they can benefit from being in your company?

The Queen of Cups arrives in the advice position, and she brings mellow energy to the situation. It is the Queen of Cups that will allow all those involved to use emotional intelligence when communicating to ease any friction. Let this wise, mature energy influence your decision making as she will help all those involved find balance.



p.s. The Grimalkin Tarot is SOOOOOO close to reaching it's goal. If you know a cat-lover who would appreciate a tarot deck for cats, please pass it along! :-)

Thank you!!


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