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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective Sept 20th

Good morning!

Here it is the first reading using the real Wise Dog Tarot, not my janky homemade deck!

The dogs bring us an encounter with someone who may call on our playful side this Friday. Perhaps you will meet someone this evening who will make you forget all the responsibilities of adulthood?

The Page of Cups in the present position indicates that when you open yourself up to new experiences or allow someone into your tribe who may in the past been overlooked or undervalued, you will find that they will offer you a message or information that may prove valuable. This is a time for welcoming new friends, of appreciating those who are a bit different as you will discover that there is a benefit to being open-hearted today.

The Six of Cups in the area of the external influence speaks to allowing yourself some downtime, some time to play and enjoy life as you once did as a kid, free from stress and responsibilities. The Six of Cups may come into your life as someone you meet who will entice you to take off your adult hat and let loose for a little bit.

The Five of Cups arrives in the form of advice and asks that you appreciate the energy of the Six of Cups for what it is without looking for all the areas that are missing or not up to snuff.

Laissez le bon temps rouler this Friday without being overly critical otherwise you may find that you focus is misdirected, and as a result, you won't enjoy any of the benefits that come from your time with the youthful Six of Cups!



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