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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective Sept 5th

Good morning!

We start the day off with a great deal of heat, and perhaps it is because of this passion that a transformation is coming. Although the Tower can mean a significant disruption and change can scare the hell out of us, it doesn't always need to as it can also lead to fortuitous events.

The Queen of Wands in the present position indicates that we are in a place of power regarding our lives right now. You are the one that is large and in charge of you create—so are you using this energy to it's fullest potential? Perhaps you have seized your inner Queen of Wands, and as a result, you will not sit still when there are plans to put into action. Are you focusing your attention on something that fuels your soul, and because of this, you are mentally checked out from project or job that isn't as interesting?

The Tower in the area of the external influence tells me that it is the energy of the Queen of Wands, your inner-bad-ass that may cause a notable shift to occur. Things are going to change, and it may come from out of the blue. The crow sitting there on the Queen of Wands represents your intuition, and although you may have been ignoring it, that little bird is trying to get your attention, if you listen you will know when the Tower will fall.

The Ten of Cups in the advice/future position points to a time of feeling connected and experiencing moments of sheer bliss. The change you encounter may shake you up for a moment or two, but because you have the power and driving force of the Queen of Wands within, it will not prevent you from grandly rising above the ashes.



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