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Wise Dog Tarot reading for the Collective Sept 6th

Good morning!

The road is open, it there unfolding for you as we speak, however, the question that comes to my mind this morning is—are you going to let someone else's fears or criticisms hold you back or are you going to have faith and allow the chips to fall where they may?

The Ace of Pentacles in the present position points to an energy of feeling good about a situation and feeling optimistic about the future that you are creating. There is a sense of youthful wonder and innocence with the Ace of Pentacles as this energy has yet to become tarnished by setbacks or disappointment. When you use the Ace of Pentacles right now, you will find that new ideas will emerge as you will not focus on what may be lurking about ready to stall or limit progress.

The Fool arrives in the area of the external influence, and this tells me that you may have someone out there cawing at you—they for some reason feel compelled to project their own fears or limiting beliefs as you embark on a new journey. Your faith may be tested at this time as this bird has the potential to be rather loud and distracting. The Fool asks that you enjoy the process. Seek out the company of those who have made changes in their lives, not the stagnant—or the timid whose voice is merely a tool to criticize those who dare to go further.

Justice arrives in the advice area of the reading, and the message this card brings is one of finding balance. Let both logic and emotion argue their points and then decide to weigh both equally. The truth of the matter is, no one knows for sure what the road ahead will bring, all you can do right now is use your wisdom, what you know to be true while at the same time allowing your heart a chance to be heard.



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