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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective September 2nd

Good morning!

I am SO happy to be back!!!!

The dogs bring a new adventure, one that will have us tapping into a child-like wonder that sinks in when you open yourself up to uncovering new treasures. However, as fun as this trip may be, you may need to get a bit serious to fully appreciate what is at stake.

The Ace of Wands in the present position indicates that you are in the beginning phase of a journey or a trip. Perhaps you are planning an upcoming vacation, or it may be a new life path is beginning to unfold. This is a time of promise and feeling optimistic about the future as you envision all the rich experiences you have yet to encounter. Pay attention to the signs that the universe is sending as they are not insignificant, on the contrary, this will be an opportunity to connect with your guides as they take on the role of the tour guide.

The Six of Cups will have you connecting with your inner child as you embark on this new adventure with a sense of wonder and anticipation. The mundane may take on a new life as you may find yourself appreciating experiences a little bit more intensely. Much like how children seem to marvel at the small things in life, it is here that you will find a renewed sense of fun and adventure.

The Emperor arrives in the advice position, and much like a stern father, he is here to make sure that you don't let your inner-child get you into trouble. He will hold you accountable for your actions and will insist that you stay on the trail. Think of how, as a parent, you might reel in an overly wayward child when they get too far afield—the Emperor will do the same for you. There is a prize at the end, and although you may be tempted to relax a little much and give your inner-child some extra play-time, the Emperor will keep things moving along at a productive pace.



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