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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective September 4th

Yikes - today got away from me. First day of school (also, means parent social...) -WHOOOOHOOOOOO!

The sun will light the way, that is if you decide to take notice. Where you find yourself will be in a place of learning and growing as you move into a space that is your own. When you spend time in the space of learning and growing, you will discover the confidence to honor your perspective while at the same time using the wisdom of those who have paved the path you walk down today as a sturdy foundation.

The Sun card sits in the present position, indicating that you are poised to benefit from the radiant light that is divine inspiration. Look for areas that seem a bit more illuminated, areas of interest that seem to heat up your spirit. When you stand tall and proud, there will be no shadows cast upon you at this time.

The Hierophant in the external influence position comes in as an opportunity to gain knowledge. This will be someone who will be a teacher or an advisor, someone who knows that feeling of being excited and green as you move into a new direction. Absorb as much information as you can at this time as your progress will depend on how much you grasp.

The Hanged Man in the advice position tells me that although you will be learning something traditional or necessary, it will be your perspective that adds something new, that creates a something that you alone leave your mark on. To free yourself and move ahead, you will need to master what the Hierophant teaches so that you have a complete and clear understanding of how to make it uniquely yours.



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