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10 Urban Crow Oracle

10 Urban Crow Oracle


  • Independently published in small batches
  • Printed in the US
  • Limited Quantities!
  • Pre-Order to Reserve your copy! 
  • 54 beautifully illustrated cards depicting crow life and behavior

What people are saying on Instagram about the Urban Crow Oracle:

" I love this deck so much 😍👏❤️"

"It’s is an amazing deck and I use it all the time! I love it!!"

"I love this deck so much! Maybe that's why I can't put it down. I want it near me at all times!"

"I work with this Deck every day! Love it"

"They are beautiful cards. I love mine!"

The Urban Crow Oracle deck brings to you the wisdom, and the quirkiness crows offer our world. Inspired by John Marzluff and Tony Angell's book, Gifts of the Crows the cards in this oracle deck depict my favorite stories as well as some of my own interactions with the local neighborhood corvids. 

"Since I received them (3rd printing) a month ago, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the intriguing Crow Oracle Cards. MJ Culliane's artwork and stories really capture the essence of Crow energy.  The guidebook is simple yet full of accurate wisdom. It  is refreshing to work with cards which speak so directly to my questions. Sometimes I add a card from this deck to a tarot spread when I need additional clarification. and always get the insights needed.  I highly recommend this deck  to both beginner and advanced readers."

- Deborah Rahalski - intuitive coach and Reiki Master


Crows create bonds, have rules, understand justice ( a little too well for some,) and at times display a sense of humor that other animals lack. In many ways, they are like us. 

The Urban Crow Oracle offers 54 beautifully illustrated cards each drawing on a specific emotion, idea, or lesson. 

The card size is 3.5 x 5, it will come in a lovely 2 piece box, and there will be a booklet with the card information. Cardstock: 330gsm black core

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