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8 ROAR Oracle decks

8 ROAR Oracle decks


54 thoughtfully illustrated cards featuring a diverse selection of iconic pioneering women. Before I create each card I research each woman and then meditate, or take a walk—contemplating the energy of their card. As I illustrate, I ask for their guidance and direction. Sometimes a phrase will pop in my head, sometimes it is an image—I take these as cues and use the information with each card. 

Size: 3.5" x 5" - Cardstock: 330gsm black core (please note this is not a cardboard stock, it is a higher-quality premium playing card stock. It is durable, flexible, and perfect for those who love a smooth shuffle.)

Box: Two-piece cardboard box with thumb cut-outs

Booklet: This deck includes a booklet with information for each card. This booklet will be included in the box

Printed in the USA

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