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The Wise Dog Tarot

Coming Winter 2020

from US Games! 

From poodles to pit bulls the Wise Dog offers a wide selection of rescue and purebred pups ready to help you on your journey

78 beautifully designed cards that capture the loyal and protective energy dogs bring to our lives. The Wise Dog Tarot was created as a tool for healing one that connects us to the intuitive nature of dogs. When called upon this energy guides us into the present moment where peace of mind can be found.

A tool for healing, the Wise Dog is a companion that is loyal and calming - call upon this deck when you need protection from outside influences or simply need a reminder to live in the moment. 

The Wise Dog Tarot Journal

A full-color 8x10 180+-page journal featuring all the pups (and more) from the Wise Dog Tarot. Perfect as a tool for learning or for recording daily card readings. 

Each card is beautifully printed and includes the general message for each card. Like the Crow Tarot guidebook, the Wise Dog Journal / Guidebook will also include the symbolism found on each card, general message, positive and negative attributes of each energy, a suit summary, Tarot by the numbers summary, and the "yes, no, maybe" guide for the cards. In addition, there is plenty of room for you to explore your unique thoughts and feelings each card evokes.

Connect with the loving and nurturing energy of the Wise Dog Tarot each time you sit down and write. 

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