If you are inquiring about your order and it includes the Urban Crow Oracle. 


The Urban Crow has a release timeframe of Winter 2020 and we are right on schedule! 

Decks have started to ship!  Please be patient and give Shuffled Ink until Monday January 4th to get your deck out as it is a several day process to ship a couple thousand decks, especially during the holidays, they are closed for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. 


You will receive tracking information when your deck goes out. If you want to see if your order has shipped, on your order confirmation email, there is a link with a button that says "View Your Order" when your order ships you will find your tracking information there. Tracking will also be sent to your email. 


Regular updates are sent out, here is the latest.


>>>>If your order included the Urban Crow with either the Guardian of the Night or Grimalkin Tarot, your order will ship complete and the decks will ship together. <<<<


If your Guardian of the Night included a guidebook ($34), you will receive the book in a separate shipment. You will also receive tracking from me for the guidebook.


If you order The Guardian of the Night - Just the deck (28), then your order does not include a guidebook.


If you inquiring about tracking information PLEASE include your order number (or Kickstarter / indiegogo backer # or at the very least the exact name the order is under as this will help me locate your order much easier/faster.  


Please note that if you emailed me during a holiday, evening, or weekend, I may not respond until the next business day.


Some questions such as where to buy the Crow Tarot  or replacement cards can be answered on my FAQ's page - check it out  (There is lots of info there!)


IF I don't get back to you after a couple business days please send me a gentle nudge. I am not ignoring you, but I am a single mom who is trying to keep it all flowing...



Thank you again and I hope you are doing well and staying healthy!



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