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a story unfolds.

From fairies to woodland royalty, from the deep seas to the tallest mountains, when I look at a picture I imagine stories that go beyond what was captured on film or at that digital moment. 

From a simple photo


The Process:

After you place your order please email me the photo (or preferably photos) of the person, pet, house, etc that you would like as the subject of your custom art piece. If you have questions about whether a picture will work or not, please email me beforehand at just to make sure. 

Although I work with photos, your creation will not simply be your photograph with an "oil paint" filter. I create stories using the images and construct scenes in which your child, pet, parent, etc is the main character. 

Along with the photos If you absolutely want something in the design in addition such as crows, or a particular flower that holds meaning for you, please let me know. On the flip side, please let me know if there is anything you absolutely do not want in the design.

Please note: I am limiting the number of portraits a month to 20 as that is a realistic amount of work that I can achieve while maintaining other projects. 

Your custom portrait will arrive by the end of the month that you selected. 

What you will receive:

1. 8x10 archival ink print - framed and ready to hang.

2. A high-resolution digital file of your custom piece that can then be copied (for family and friends) or for fun things such as puzzles or tote bags (these would make nice presents!) - If you need help finding services who create custom items, let me know and I will send you over some links. Because the resolution will be high, you can have the image printed enlarged on canvas as well. 

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