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The Grimalkin Tarot (2nd printing)

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Each card contained in this beautifully and thoughtfully illustrated tarot deck was created for those who hold a special place in their hearts for their feline companions. 

  •  80 beautifully illustrated cards paying homage to the mystical cat energy - 78 that follow the standard Rider-Waite-Smith meanings for each card plus two bonus cards. Intuitive and easy to read right out of the box! 

  • Original and rich with symbolism. Each card you draw will draw you in and through the veil.

  • High-quality cardstock: Premium 300gsm flexible 3x5 cards that have a nice smooth laminated finish. Solid feeling, yet easy to shuffle! 

  • Sturdy and impressive two-piece box. 

  •  A full-size book (5x8) with the cat names and meanings for each card. Check out a sample here


  •  MADE IN THE USA by Shuffled Ink. 

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The Grimalkin Tarot Journal


The Journal/Guidebook for the Grimalkin Tarot provides not only plenty of space to write, but you will also find a full description for each card including the unique symbolism. 

This 8x10 full-color book will not only be informative it will be enjoyable to work with as you travel through the deck exploring the energy of the cats of the Grimalkin Tarot! 

Order via Amazon. Usually Ships in 5 days
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