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General Reading for the Collective Dec 18th

Good morning!

A new adventure awaits, and although sure things could have gone differently, you are now in a position to look back from a place of understanding and acceptance. Your patience may be tested, however, by an opportunity that may be bright and shiny. The call this morning is to exercise caution. Examine if this opportunity is arriving at the right time. Are you trying to speed along progress for the sake of getting what you want before it is due to arrive?

The Crow Tarot brings to our attention the Six of Swords. The time is right to embark on a new adventure. Let go of the "woulda, coulda, shoulda" thoughts and move forward, knowing that you are heading in a better direction. The cherry blossoms signify that new beginnings are emerging, that spring is coming. When you focus your attention on all the positive possibilities the future holds—instead of missteps or errors of the past, you will create a force that will have you securely moving in an advantageous direction. This new adventure will not be quick; instead, plan on events taking time, but in the end, you will discover that with experience comes wisdom, and you will benefit from each event you encounter on the trip.

Once your journey begins, you will find opportunities will present themselves. The Wise Dog brings to your attention how far you have come emotionally and all that you have gained. Now is the time to carefully consider each opportunity. Does the offer help you reach your goal or distract? Gypsy, the dog ambassador for the Four of Cups, sits next to a bush that is in a dormant phase. Although you can't see the growth that is taking place, under the surface, things are happening, and in due time the bush, if healthy, will blossom as that is its purpose. The Wise Dog asks that you allow for events to take their natural time; do not try to force or jump on an opportunity because of haste or uneasiness that comes from waiting.

The Grimalkin Tarot brings a significant warning as the Devil arrives. This card is one that I designed to look especially carnivalesque as it an energy that can be enticing and yet at the same time deceiving. The Devil is deceptive and keeps you coming back as it preys on your weaknesses. For today's reading, the message this card offers is to be on the lookout for opportunities that prey on your fears as it will not be as beneficial to you in the long run as the opportunity that may be arriving a little later. Don't take the first job that is offered to you because you are afraid of never finding another one if this job will keep you trapped in a field or position that will be much harder to leave if a better opportunity arises. If you are finally single after a bad relationship, the Devil may appear as a new partner who is less than perfect and allows you not to experience the fear that comes from being alone.

When you are confident in the direction you want to travel, you will know your value, and extend love and compassion inward. Your intuition will help you determine if an opportunity is arriving at the right time or if it is one that you are forcing along.



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