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General Reading for the Collective December 19th

Good morning!

When we allow the energy of the Star to help, we stay focused on what is working—on the reasons we have to feel grateful, and because of this, we usher in opportunities that will help us achieve our dreams. The actions that you take today and how you react to current situations are an Investment in your future. When you create positive habits that strengthen your connection with the energy of the Star, you will find success.

The Star once again appears as the current energy we are working with this morning. Have faith that you are capable of achieving a goal. When you tap into the power of the Star, you will find that your talents and reasons to be grateful will become illuminated. Much like an umbrella in a rainstorm, it is your choice to use this protective energy and allow your mind to experience comfort. It is here in this place of ease that positivity will flourish, and with it, you will attract more reasons to feel optimistic.

When you tap into the Star energy, you will send a signal that attracts the Nine of Cups. The Wise Dog rests with a full appreciation for all that it has achieved. Not only will you feel victorious, but you will also experience real-world reasons for that feeling as new opportunities will come in that will have you closer to obtaining your desires.

The Grimalkin Tarot brings to us the Seven of Pentacles as a reminder that we are continually investing in our future. The seeds we plant today will take root and grow, have faith, and let the energy of the Star protect and nourish your dreams.



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