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General Reading for the Collective December 20th

Good morning!

Change is afoot! Or a wing—a paw maybe?

If you woke up this morning feeling a burst of energy within, it might be because the Chariot has arrived to get you going. Trust your instincts, are you moving in a direction that honors your true nature, your spirit? You may find the assistance you need will arrive just in the nick of time, but be warned you will be held accountable for your actions. Take ownership of who you are in this moment and let go of any past errors or beliefs that no longer define you as they will only block your vision and prevent the Chariot from moving as quickly as it should.

The Crow Tarot brings to our awareness the fast-moving, at times volatile energy of The Chariot. You are in the position today to hop on and move quickly towards a goal. There is a warning; however, that comes with the Chariot. Stay focused on where you are going and do not lose sight of the destination. Do not take your eyes off the road. Do not doddle to waste time second-guessing your skills or your abilities because doing so could cause you to let go of the reigns and slow down or worse—crash.

The energy that is coming up and looking to hitch a ride is the King of Swords from the Wise Dog Tarot. When you stay focused and move with determination towards your goal, you will encounter the wise and compassionate King. The King of Swords is a fair ruler; he is a creator who does not need to seek competitors as that would only detract from the purity of his intentions. You may find yourself slipping into the role of the King of Swords as you move forward on your quest, or you may encounter someone who will embody the King, and their help will keep you in command of the Chariot.

The Grimalkin Tarot brings to the surface Judgment, and the advice these cats offer is to know that this life you are living today is just one of many. Focus on who you are at this moment in time, what are your hopes and fears? Are you clinging to an idea of the past that is no longer relevant today? It is time to rise to the role—take ownership of your actions at this moment because you and you alone are driving the Chariot, sure you may have a passenger along the way. Still, it is you who is responsible for getting everyone to the destination!



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