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General Reading for the Collective Nov 10th

Good morning!

Today I am using my first deck, the Crow Tarot for the general reading for the collective. This deck is currently available at US Games inc.

The call today is to open our hearts up—feel that connection we all have to source energy. When we see ourselves not as just some human being doing what it takes to get by but instead as a creator— someone who contributes to something so much greater that is when we will discover our truth.

The Ace of Cups is a reminder that we are all essential pieces of an enormous and complex puzzle. The message here is to open ourselves up to new experiences and connections by allowing our emotions to be influenced by love. When we let go of what makes us different and instead focus on that in which we have in common, the world will take on a brighter hue.

The Six of Cups arrives as the energy that is coming to us soon. There is a playful quality here as we are reminded of what life was like before we transformed into responsible adults. If you have an opportunity to get outside and play, take it. If you can spend the afternoon playing board games with friends or just being free to do whatever you want (like you once did as a kid), embrace it! It is here that your brain has a chance to relax as well, and at this moment, you will find inspiration and perhaps answers as your ego is not around to complicate the situation.

The crows bring us the Page of Swords in the form of advice. If you allow your heart to open and embrace life with a little bit more childlike wonder, you will discover your truth and with it your voice. Enthusiasm will take hold, and you will feel a desire to share your thoughts and beliefs with others. Keep in mind there may be some who just "won't get it," and that is ok because with the Ace of Cups present you will have the love in your heart that will help you ease any friction and allow for a free-flowing conversation, one that centers around agreements and common ground.



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Sep 23, 2022

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