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General Reading for the collective Nov 5

Good morning!

There is a change in the air, and the time to move into a new phase of life is on the horizon. Of course, there will always be those who would rather you not focus your attention on new possibilities or your potential so that you stay put. The call today is to move into a place of feeling secure enough with yourself that you can begin the process of renewal while at the same time appreciate those around you for wherever they are on their personal journey.

We start off today with Judgment sitting in the present energy position. If you feel a shift to your life is needed, today may be the day to start implementing change. The energy in the air is right for creating a new path, one that honors your spirit; however, it will require a commitment and a shedding of beliefs that do not serve you or that have been holding you back. Judgment calls on you to take ownership of your life, accept your missteps, and grow from them so that you can create the transformation that will move you in a positive direction.

The Five of Cups arrives to cause some conflict. Something or someone may react to your progress in a way that will direct your attention to what you will miss as a result of your transformation. This could play on your fear of change and make it may be easier to fall back on old habits or patterns despite the fact they aren't serving you any good. You have an enormous amount of potential waiting to be discovered; however, it may be difficult to see. Pay attention to your intuition during this period as you will find strength as well as the reassurance that you possess more opportunities than you may be realizing at the time.

The Ten of Cups arrives in the advice position. When you commit to making positive changes in your life and move forward with an understanding that your history is just part of your story, and although it may reflect your past, your future is now in the making—you will find the confidence to walk your journey without wavering or second-guessing yourself while allowing others to walk theirs as well. The Ten of Cups represents bliss. You will discover true contentment when there is a free and open coming together of ideas and beliefs, it is a place where all feel love and belonging regardless of where they are on their path.



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