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General Reading for the Collective Nov 6th

Good morning!

The energy that is with us today is one that will help support you during a time of change. You may have been experiencing a bit of chaos; however when you tap into the energy of the King of Cups, you will find a relaxing quality moves in as you connect with your higher-self. The troubles you woke up with may not seem so daunting or unsolvable as you gently meander throughout the day, tackling tasks as they come instead of catastrophizing over what may be.

Your new persona of calm may attract those who wish to sway you to their side of thinking. The Five of Wands is all about the ego that other people bring to your situation, and because of this, there is the possibility of encountering contradictory ideas or beliefs, each with a different avenue to consider. When you maintain the composure of the King of Cups, you will be able to see which path will provide the least resistance and will ensure that you stay on course.

The Ace of Wands arrives in the advice position firming the message that the path that opens to you with the least amount of effort or over-thinking will be the one that will reap the most benefits. Allow yourself to tap into the energy of the divine if you need to make a decision or move forward on a new path as you will be guided in the right direction. Look for the clues or signs that will confirm you are making the best choices as you move ahead.



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