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General Reading for the Collective Nov 8th

Good morning!

Well, with the Death card yesterday and the Ten of Swords today starting us off, these cats and dogs are coming together with a message that through a traumatic event, we are discovering a path to healing, of recovery and transformation. It is through acknowledging the hurt and letting go of what holds us back that we will move forward towards change.

The Ten of Swords represents a painful event that may have caused a temporary disconnection from spirit. It is when we experience a significant hurt that the affect shoots right to our core so deeply that we become numb. The message here is to allow for spirit to come in so that you can regain your strength so that life can once again run through your veins.

The Nine of Pentacles comes forward as this energy is approaching as a result of the transformation sparked by the healing process of the Ten of Swords. You will discover reasons to feel secure and grounded. There is a sophistication that comes with the energy of the Nine of Pentacles, and perhaps unlike in the past, you are now able to reign in your wild side, that part of your personality that lets the ego lead the way. You will find yourself sitting comfortably knowing your history, knowing that you don't need to puff up to prove anything to anyone as your ability to rise up with strength is one that is personal. The butterfly on this card represents a transformation that is in your past, one that you recognize today.

The Ace of Pentacles brings us advice to stay true to ourselves. Honor your spirit, your genuine self, that person who came into this world perfect and unjaded by life's events! You have the control to create the reality you wish to achieve. When you focus your attention on what you contribute to this world, all the positive attributes you offer opportunities will unfold and present themselves to you that will help you realize your goals.



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