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Grimalkin Tarot Reading for the Collective October 19th

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Good morning!!!!

I know it has been a long time since the last reading, but I am now ready to get back into the groove! I had a lot on my plate the last few weeks, and I really wanted to make sure that the artwork for Grimalkin Tarot was done before the big shipment of Wise Dog decks arrived. AND THEY DID— Yesterday!

So, what do these cats have for us today?

The energy that we are working with this morning is one of feeling a bit bored. Perhaps today is one of those days when you feel as though life has lost a bit of its zing because you obtained something that you had worked so hard to achieve, and although grateful for the success something is missing because the "game" is over? The Nine of Cups is the wishes fulfilled card, and although this can point to be successful and feel proud of your accomplishments, I just couldn't shake the fact that this fat cat is feeling as though something is missing. The hunt is over.

The Page of Wands represents the energy that is coming to us soon, and this will hopefully add some heat or a spark of inspiration. There will be a new challenge ahead that will require some passion, some enthusiasm on your part. This may shake the doldrums! This may also cause some friction if you are concerned about getting out of your comfort zone, as bored with it as you are.

The Moon arrives in the advice position, and the call is to go inward. Where do you find conflict within? Do you see yourself in a way that contradicts your actions? Are you taming your wild side because staying put keeps you in a warm and safe place where you don't need to hunt?

If you are feeling as though life has lost its challenge or that there is nothing that excites you anymore, there will be an opportunity coming that will reinvigorate your spirit, but it may require that you examine why it is you stay in your comfort zone when adventure awaits.



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