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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective August 19th

Good morning!

You may have an important task and who better to call on for help than your tribe—right? They are there to help you transform a chore into a party. When you join forces with those who lighten the mood or whose company brightens your day, you will find whatever it is that you are working on becomes less of a struggle. In this gathering of friends, you may encounter someone who will tell you without little concern for feelings a solution for a current problem. This person has a clear vision, and although their message may come off a bit on the harsh side, the Star is present to help you smooth things out so that you gain the benefit of their wisdom without the feeling of being on the sharp end of the stick.

The Three of Cups in the present position indicates that you are in a good place when it comes to having a support network around that will be there in a time of need. Just as you will rise to the occasion to help out—you too will benefit from relationships and friendships with those in your tribe. The message I get here with this Three of Cups is that you don't have to go it alone, and when you seek out those who want to see you succeed whether that be friends or family the task at hand will seem less intimidating.

The Queen of Swords comes in as an external influence. This person will offer you sound advice as their mind is sharp, and their vision is long. When you hear out what this person has to say; however, it may be hard to not feel a bit insulted or put off by their tone. The thing is—their heart is in the right place, but they have a difficult time with softening their message. This individual may appear to be all about the facts and less about the emotion, and right now, you may benefit from their wisdom. Granted, it may be hard to hear.

The Star arrives in the advice position. Let this bright light wash over and rinse away any negativity so that you can benefit from the insights offered by the Queen of Swords. The Star will shine a light on the information provided to you that will be of value and allow you to brush off any feelings that may muddy the waters or cause your ego to rebel against what you know is the right course of action.



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