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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective August 21st

Good morning!

We are working with an energy this morning that will bring about three events. The first will be a separation, the second will be your reaction, and third will involve the healing process. When you stand up and speak your truth when you hold firm to your beliefs and know your value the cut you make that will sever the cord will be clean and thus easier to heal. Make time to connect with your spirit as you will need to retreat for a bit to gather your thoughts. Use this time to gain wisdom from your higher-self before beginning a new path.

The Three of Swords in the present position points to an ending, an event that will create a break that although may cause you to feel sad or disappointed it is one that in the end may be to your advantage. If you are tied to a situation that is not serving you or if it is not honoring your spirit or perhaps taking you for granted by releasing this energy you will discover after some initial discomfort a new sense of freedom. The Three swords on this card represent the event, your reaction to it, and the healing process. It is not just about the pain that comes from the situation connected to this card but also how we react and how we grow stronger as a result of it.

The Page of Swords comes in as an external influence indicating that this event that we have happening right now is going to usher in a reason to stand up and speak your truth. You know your value and are passionate about what you do, now is not a time to lick your wounds (that time will come) but speak up now with a fair voice, do not hesitate or second guess yourself because when you have a clear message that offers balance and honesty you will find that the path before you will broaden.

The Hermit arrives with the advice to seek a quiet place after the dust settles so that you can reconnect with your higher-self. A new opportunity may be on the horizon however you will be best served if you take some time alone to contemplate the past events and decide what it is you truly want in the future.



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