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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective Sept 24th

Good morning!

Are you working on a project with someone who gets you and your ideas? Or perhaps there is someone in your life that you feel a secure connection with— someone who you feel comfortable being open and vulnerable? When you bounce ideas off a friend or partner you trust, who shares your passion or at least is eager to help you succeed, you will find that together, your creativity will spark something new. There is but one warning, and that is—do not let your ego tempt you into misbehaving.

The Two of Cups in the present position points to a healthy relationship, one that feels karmic in many ways. This is someone who you feel connected to, and may or may not be romantic. This is the person who you can have a friendly debate with as new ideas often spring from such times, but at the end of the day, you both know that being right is not as important as a friendship.

The Page of Wands enters because out of this healthy going back and forth with new ideas, something is going to spark, and a new path or opportunity will present itself. Creativity will be on "high" as ideas become action steps.

The Knight of Swords arrives with a warning. Yes, it is great to have a clear vision for where you are going, and yes, being determined will get you up and rolling in the right direction. It will be necessary; however, to make sure that your drive and focus do not cross the line and jeopardize the relationship. You may have a clear picture for what needs to happen next, and you may know what the best way to proceed is, but your words and their tone will matter and will impact how much help you get later on down the road.



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