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General Reading for the Collective - October 27th

Good morning!

Today I am trying something a bit different in that I want to see how my children play together! HA!

The energy at the moment comes from The Wise Dog deck. The Page of Swords arrives again this morning! The time to stand up and speak your truth is now! The energy to cut through what isn't serving you or to separate yourself from those who have become complacent—is supporting you at this time. If you have been putting off asking your boss for a raise or a promotion and you know that you are long overdue, you will find if you tap into the energy of the Page of Swords, you will articulate your position with extra ease and confidence. If you have had a hard time telling a partner how you feel about your relationship, the words will flow without hesitation with the Page around. That can be good, however, although the Page stands confidently and speaks up, not everyone may want to hear what the Page has to say...

The Lovers arrives via the Grimalkin Tarot in the area of External Influence. You may encounter someone who like yourself, holds their beliefs very firmly and isn't about to give in so easily. The vibe I picked up from this card was that the Lovers brings an opportunity to not negotiate away your power but instead find strength from bringing two sides together. It is when you share your views—as different as they are, in those differences, a new perspective may be found, one that will, in the end, create new possibilities.

The Crows bring us advice as they are the ones that fly along the edge of the veil. The message they bring back is the King of Wands. You have the power to engage others in such a way that they will want to work with you. The King of Wands is charismatic and creative. There is a fire in the belly of the King of Wands that seems to attract those who will help his plans succeed. The message the King brings is to be in command, be the noble and kind King who sees the value of others as there is strength in numbers.



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