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Wise Dog Tarot Reading for the Collective Sept 9th

Good morning!

We are in a place of transformation right now and when you hold your life up to the bright light of the divine do you see the beliefs that may be keeping you tethered to a situation that doesn't honor your spirit? It's time to rise my dear and own what happens next.

The Eight of Wands in the area of the external influence will usher in some fast-moving energy as obstacles will whizz by you as you move ahead quickly towards a goal. This is a time to embrace the speed, to not let negative thoughts mess with your mind; otherwise, you may miss a critical turn.

The Ace of Wands brings advice to today's reading. Are you feeling a pull, or is there an idea that you can't seem to shake? Pay attention to where your creative mind draws your attention as this is the guidance that will help you stay on the right path. New opportunities are emerging as a result of a transformation. If you feel as though things are progressing too quickly or you feel concerned about missing a step the Ace of Wands is present to help you stay connected, to walk the line between the veil as this is where you will receive the information that will help you keep up with the energy of the Eight of Swords.



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